Why Choose 100% Natural Latex Mattress In Singapore

Natural latex mattresses refer to filled with natural latex material that is commonly used for a mattress. It is a type of natural rubber or synthetic rubber. The mattress has to be made from a blend of organic materials and synthetic materials to achieve the desired comfort and durability. If it is filled only with natural latex, then it would not offer its life span at all.

The following are the reason why you should buy 100% natural latex mattresses in Singapore;

1) It is perfect for Climate in Singapore

Singapore is naturally hot and humid. This can cause the woolen bedding that you have at home to become damp easily. Mold might appear in just one month of usage. This is not very pleasant to see. A natural latex mattress would be the perfect choice for you if you want to breathe the fresh air in your bedroom without worrying about mold developing. It does not trap moisture thus there will be no dampness caused by condensation. If you want to sleep in a cool location, then a natural latex mattress is your best choice.

2) It gives Better Sleep Comfort

The mattress is made from 100% natural latex. It does not contain any synthetic latex that can irritate your skin. When you sleep on it, you will feel comfortable without feeling any pain in your neck or lower back. 100% natural latex mattress in Singapore could give you a good night’s sleep and wake you up refreshed in the morning. It is because the mattress will return to its original shape after being used. This means that there is no sleeping posture distortion even after years of usage.

3) It is Durable

A natural latex mattress will last for more than 8 years. It does not break easily or have rips or tears on it after 10 years of use. Thus, if you are looking for a mattress that would last for many years, a natural latex mattress is the perfect choice of mattress.

Closeup of new fashionable beautiful stylish orthopaedic mattress on display for sale in large furniture store

100% natural latex mattress in Singapore could be compressed to a maximum of 2-3cm and then it will regain its original shape after a couple of hours. Even though a natural latex mattress is durable, it is still soft and comfortable.

4) The Greener Option

Natural latex is derived from rubber and as such, it is a more environmentally friendly option. It does not require any ozone-depleting chemicals, thus being a greener choice. A natural latex mattress is also biodegradable and recyclable. A natural latex mattress will not emit any formaldehyde vapor and it acts as the perfect replacement for plastic foam that is commonly used in a conventional mattress.

A natural latex mattress is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. It is a greener choice as it does not emit any formaldehyde vapor.

5) No Odor Sensation:

Natural latex mattresses and handmade products have no odor sensation after a few days of usage. This means that the manufacturing process does not involve any form of chemical that can cause smells. Natural latex mattresses would not develop unpleasant odors, thus allowing you to sleep in peace without having to worry about a bad smell on your new mattress.


Natural latex mattress could be the perfect sleeping partner to help you sleep well every night. It will help to ensure that you are in good condition to work or study tomorrow. When you need a new mattress, please do not hesitate to buy this natural latex mattress in Singapore.

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