What Are the Risks With Fractional CO2 Laser Singapore Treatment?

While the fractional CO2 laser Singapore cosmetic treatment is becoming increasingly popular, there are risks that you should be concerned with regarding this treatment. It’s important to arm yourself with the best information so you can make a good decision. Even though cosmetic medical professionals are regulated for your safety, many of them are driven by profit. After all, it’s what keeps their business afloat.


While there are more, the following is a list of the main risks concerning CO2 laser Singapore treatment.

·    Acne

·    Scarring

·    Dyschromia


What to Know About the Fractional CO2 Laser Singapore Risks


With many surgeries requiring plastic surgery to be performed in many different hospitals, the risk of complications from any particular surgery can be varied. These complications are related to the type of surgery being performed. Plastic surgeons are familiar with each type of surgery and how it is going to react to any possible complications.


The risks involved with different types of surgery are generally dictated by the specific surgical procedure performed. Reconstructive surgery, for example, involves many risks when it comes to complications. A simple procedure performed on the abdomen or the chest can end up causing pain, scarring, and sometimes loss of functionality. That’s why many procedures of this nature have been deemed as so risky that they can only be performed in specialized facilities.


What to Know About Fractional CO2 Laser Singapore Scarring


For a minor form of plastic surgery, the risks include infection and bleeding. Scarring is another common risk and the odds of scarring occurring increases when the incision is made large. Additionally, minor scarring is often difficult to completely remove and may cause the skin to shift slightly in size in the future.


In many cases, scar tissue