Everlast bouquet series

While everyone likes to receive flower bouquets, most of the bouquets will last for only a few days or a week, since the flowers and foliage will dry. The recipient of the bouquet will then have to discard the bouquet, usually dumping it in the dustbin. However, there are some people who would like to give a bouquet that the recipient can keep for a longer period of time, at least a few weeks or a few months. To cater to the requirement of these customers, Floristique has developed the everlast bouquet series which consists of dried flowers and foliage, which can be retained for months.


While almost all other bouquets and flower arrangements use only fresh flowers, the everlast series is unique since it contains only dried flowers, fillers, and foliage. Gossypium, preserved roses of different colors are the most popular flowers used in the bouquet, though the other flowers, fillers, and foliage may differ. There a total of 14 different bouquets available in the everlast series, with different combinations of flowers, fillers. The flowers and foliage are wrapped together and tied together using a satin ribbon. Brown is the default color for the wrapping used in bouquets.


The customer can specify the color of wrapping and ribbon when placing an order. The bouquets in the everlast dried flower series are all priced at $39.90. For some of the bouquets like Eleanor, it is possible to increase the number of flowers that are sent. For doubling the number of flowers, the additional cost incurred will be $19.95, and for tripling the number of flowers, the additional expense is $39.90. Additional fillers and foliage may be provided as required to complete the bouquet. Increasing the number of flowers will not necessarily double or triple the size of the bouquet, though there will some increase in size.


Many of the bouquets are of size 22 cm width and 28 cm height, though a few like Ashley are larger at 24 cm width and 30 cm height. Since these flowers will remain preserved for a long time, the customer can also order a bouquet bag or flower vase with the flowers. The bag is priced at $1, while the glass vase will cost $10. Fairy lights can also be supplied for $3. If the sender wishes, he can also send chocolates with the flowers ranging from Snickers costing $1 to thirty pieces of Ferrero rocher chocolates which are priced at $12. Wellness, chocolate, fruit, and gourmet gift hampers are also provided.


After finalizing the items which he wishes to send with the flower bouquet, the sender should specify the address of the recipient along with the date when the flower bouquet should be delivered. There is no delivery charge for delivery of the bouquet anywhere in Singapore. Floristique does not deliver to addresses outside Singapore. Orders placed before two pm on Monday to Friday, and 11 am on Saturday, Sunday can be delivered the same day to the address specified. The sender can remain anonymous if he wishes to. There is also a provision for sending a message with the flower bouquet.

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