Best mezcals to lift your spirits and why mezcal is good for you

After bursting out under tequila’s shadow, mezcal is becoming increasingly popular among liquor takers. The drink comes in different smoky flavours based on the brands. Whether smoky or not, mezcal is an acquired flavour that makes tequila neutral and sweet flavours down by comparison. Mezcal is a delicious drink that is a bit different from its tequila cousin linked with so many hangovers.

Contrary to tequila, mezcal is a well-dressed, smooth-talking, and grown-up version of tequila that promises to impress and delight you. Opposite most hard liquor, mezcal’s quality depends on the agave plant’s age and not the liquor’s age. If you are among the liquor enthusiasts who fancy unpredictability, you can celebrate this uncompromising inebriant here at Are you ready to try this new liquor and add it to your alcohol cart? Here are some of the best mezcal brands to give you a feel of the market before committing fully.

a.Bozal Mezcal ensemble

Bozal would be great for the introduction if you are a newbie to mezcal. The liquor is made of three agave types, giving it a unique approachability and complexity. Espapdin agave and Barrel give the liquor floral and citrus notes, while the Mexicano gives it an earthiness. Whileespapdin is smoky, Mexicano and Barril balance this smokiness.

b.EL Jolgorio Arroqueño Mezcal

This alcohol is made from an Arroqueno agave plant. The plants take up to thirty years to mature, which is evident from just a single sip from the liquor. If you are ready to take your taste buds on a wild ride, then this is the ideal drink for you.

c.Del Maguey Chichicapa Mezcal

This is an extremely soft liquor on the palate. It is the number one in citrus and sweetness and rich smokey taste. It is among the best Mezcals for sipping neat and mezcals, making it an ideal standalone liquor in a home bar. Moreover, this alcohol features an authentic experience, just like its processing. The alcohol uses a fully organic agave, and its distillation process is the most ancient one.

d.Mezcal Anejo

Are you an enthusiast for aged mezcal? This mezcal is ideal. This beer variety is handcrafted with roasted Espadin, which is crushed, fermented, and later double distilled using copper stills. It is then aged in oak barrels for thirteen months resulting in a rustic and rich mezcal.

Reasons why mezcal is good for you

While most liquors are deemed harmful in some way or the other, mezcal is not on the list. Here are reasons why mezcal is good

  • It has no hangovers after taking it, just like most liquors do

  • Mezcal is 100 % natural and has zero additives

  • It is ideal for people on a strict diet but still wishes to take alcohol

  • Mezcal can be used as an appetiser to stimulate appetite: most traditional cultures use it before eating

  • It can also be used as a digestif, hence commonly taken after a meal to aid digestion.


If you are a liquor enthusiast, you must be familiar with mezcal. Most people know it for its resemblance to tequila, but it is somehow smoky. The liquor gets its smoky nature from its product process; there are various brands of mezcal liquor available to choose from. You choose what meets your preferences.

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